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End of schoolyear and certificates of achievement


The distribution of certificates of achievement is still possible

according to the following modalities :

Students will have to send by email

to the school's adress : ,

a request for their certificate, specifying their surname, familie name,

language and level. The certificates will be sent, by email,

in PDF format, on the Friday of each week.


 PLEASE NOTE : only the certificates of the first semester

and second semester of the schoolyears 2018-2019 and 2019-2020

can be scanned.

For all requests concerning previous schoolyears,

it will be necessary to produce a motivated request by email 

addressed to the Head of school at :


 Concerning the certificates of achievement

for the first semester2020-2021, these can also be sent by email

on request, in PDF format, according to the same terms and conditions

specified above.







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