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How to register

Our courses are accessible to everyone from 15 years old.

Considering the very high attendance at our registrations this year, we insert one additional appointment per 10 minutes,

wich involves in a practical way : 18 additional appointments per evening,

for a total of 270 possible additional appointments until September 30 included.

This new possibility is immediate via our appointment online calendar.

1st step : the registration

1.Book an appointment online at https://fr.woluwe1200.be/cours-de-langues (from August 1st, 2019).

2. On the day of the appointment go to CCLM, rue Abbé Jean Heymans, 29, 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert with the following documents :

  • a national identity card, or a Belgian residence permit (electronic card), or a valid passport (with visa if necessary).                       In this case, an additionnal fee of 90€ will be charged.
  • the completed application form.
  • a copy of the identity documents. (Required).
  • 81 € payable by preference by card.

2nd step : the placement tests

When you register you will receive an appointment to take a free compulsory placement test.

The correction will be immediate and your regsitration will be confirmed within the limit of available places.